Highlights 2017: Caribbean Cuisine Gains Momentum

Policymakers, the private sector and Chefs are elevating Caribbean cuisine to new heights, ensuring that 2017 was a landmark year to link food, tourism, trade and agriculture in the region. Chefs4Dev highlights the key developments that took place, and also brings insight for what 2018 may hold.

New Opportunities through Caribbean Foods and Flavours

CTA’s new publication, titled "Strengthening local food production and trade in the Caribbean", explores the transformation of Caribbean food and agriculture systems through improved production and trade. It showcases farmers, agribusinesses, chefs and policymakers who are working and collaborating across islands and value chains to create opportunities, and enhance earnings and growth.

Accessing Tourism Markets through Hydroponics in Haïti

The Jardins Hydroponiques d’Haiti (JHH) uses the innovative technique of hydroponics – a water solution with nutrients and minerals to grow plants, that doesn't require soil. Its transformative approach to cultivating a variety of vegetables and fruit have permitted it to secure lucrative clients and cater to the tourism market, through leading restaurants, supermarkets and hotels in Haiti.

Pacific Cuisine as a Destination Product

In our interview with renowned Chef Colin Chung, he dispels myths about Pacific cuisine as being just for locals. Chef Chung's mission is to encourage hotels, resorts and restaurants around the Pacific to source locally and proudly showcase traditional cuisine.

Bridging the gap between Agriculture and Tourism in the Pacific

Pacific Agriculture and Tourism leaders welcomed strong partnerships and cooperation in favour of agritourism development in the region, hearkening a new chapter in the push for sustainable, inclusive and resilient economic development in the Pacific.

Chefs for Development: a powerful synergy between agriculture and cuisine

A platform that promotes stronger linkages between chefs and small-scale producers in Caribbean, Pacific and Indian Ocean countries was launched in the Caribbean.

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Featured Chef

Dora Rossi

Chef and owner of Paddles Restaurant and Milani Café Family-owned businesses, specialising in Samoan-Italian cuisine (reflecting the cultural background of the family)

Featured Agribusiness

Litia Sini Beach Resort, Samoa 

Litia Sini Beach Resort, Lalomanu, Upolu, Samoa, which is owned and operated Lydia Sini To’omalatai.

Featured Cuisine

Take a look at cuisines featuring local products and their history.

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