Chef Rangi Mitaera-Johnson from Cook Islands shares with us her passion for cooking

Chef Rangi Mitaera-Johnson from the Cook Islands is an extraordinary cook who shared his business model at a recent Regional Agritourism Workshop organised in Nadi, Fiji (1-2 April 2019)......

Spotlight on African Cuisine with Chef Pierre Thiam!

Read Chefs4Dev's interview with Chef Pierre Thiam, a culinary ambassador of Africa and its Diaspora and a leading advocate for world hunger alleviation and responsible tourism...

Chefs for Development: a powerful synergy between agriculture and cuisine

A platform that promotes stronger linkages between chefs and small-scale producers in Caribbean, Pacific and Indian Ocean countries was launched in the Caribbean.

Discover Cacao Fiji: cacao beans for craft chocolate makers!

Arif Khan, a native Fijian and founder of Cacao Fiji, saw potential for new life in the cacao industry. Read Chefs4Dev's interview with Arif Khan and learn more about the distinctive taste of Cacao Fiji beans!

Cook Islands: The beginning of a journey

The recently launched Takurua O Avaiki Raro, Avaiki Vaenga, Manavanui is just the beginning of the Cook Islands cuisine journey. International chefs are backing this innovative programme and helping to develop the strategy, which is focused on defining Cook Islands cuisine culture. Chefs for Development takes a look at how Takurua will help define Cook Islands cuisine, so it can play a bigger part in attracting people to the beautiful shores of the Pacific island along with climate, islands, beaches and people…

Discover Namalu Coffee Ltd, unique coffee maker from Papua New Guinea!

Devoted to providing an irreproachable service and product, Namalu Coffee is on the forefront of innovation. Through its variety of coffees, Namalu promotes premium coffee to different market segments. Read Chefs4Dev's interview with Namalu Coffee Ltd owners!

Caribbean culinary immersion with Chef Kirk Ruck!

Read Barbadian Chef Kirk Ruck's interview with Chefs4Dev. Find out how his family ignited his passion for cooking, why he defines Caribbean cuisine as being unique and how Barbados can attract more tourists as a food destination.

Join Chefs4Dev on World Food Day

Chefs4Dev invites you to the World Food Day celebration! Discover how the Chefs4Dev initiative contributes to #ZeroHunger through healthier, locally sourced food and agrifood products.

Welcome to Chefs for Development

Chefs for Development (Chefs4Dev) is an initiative which aims to promote stronger linkages between value chain actors in the culinary and agriculture sectors, with a view to enhancing the contribution made by healthier, locally sourced food and agrifood products to menus in food establishments across the Caribbean, South Pacific and the Indian Ocean. It is a collective initiative coordinated by the Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation (CTA) with the Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture (IICA), the Pacific Islands Private Sector Organisation (PIPSO), the Pacific Community (SPC), the South Pacific Tourism Organisation (SPTO), the International Fund for agricultural Development (IFAD), Women in Business Development Inc., farmer’s organisations, agribusinesses and chefs.

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Featured Chef

Chef Elijah Amoo Addo

Elijah Amoo Addo is a chef, food stylist, social entrepreneur, TV host and recipient of the 2017 Queens Young Leader Award...

Featured Agribusiness

Namalu Coffee Ltd, Papua New Guinea

Namalu Coffee Ltd is a family business located in the heart of the Highlands Region in Papua New Guinea with a unique selection of fresh ground coffee flavours.

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Take a look at cuisines featuring local products and their history.

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