A taste of the forbidden fruit – Seychelles coco de mer at the centre of Praslin’s first culinary and arts fiesta.

For the first time in Seychelles, the kernel of the coco de mer, the largest nut in the world was the one of the main highlight of a ‘culinary and arts fiesta’ on the archipelago’s second most populated island of Praslin. The event which took place during the weekend from September 5 to 7, is an initiative of the archipelago’s Ministry of Tourism and Culture in collaboration with other partners including the island’s district authorities.

Source: http://www.seychellesnewsagency.com/articles/1306/A+taste+of+the+forbidden+fruit+-+Seychelles+coco+de+mer+at+the+centre+of+Praslin’s+first+culinary+and+arts+fiesta#sthash.YHg3CrbY.dpuf

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