Farm to Table, Fijian Style

One of the most unique adventures on our recent trip to Fiji was our Food Safari at the Nanuku Auberge Resort. Let me start by saying, I am not a foodie. I am actually not even an adventurous eater. I save that for my husband and apparently now also my son. What I do love is to get out of the confines of resort life to actually experience the places we visit. With less than cooperative weather during our stay at Nanuku, our options for outside exploration were somewhat limited. Dying to get out to explore, we opted to experience Nanuku’s Food Safari excursion.

All we knew in advance was that we were to be taken around to the local villages to procure all of the products we would need for a traditionally cooked Fijian meal. This is Fiji’s way of doing what many in the West are currently obsessed with, farm-to-table cooking and eating.  Here in California, farm-to-table chefs prepare meals with an emphasis on seasonality, local availably and simple preparations. So in essence this was what we were being exposed to in Fiji, however, it isn’t a new trendy way of doing things, rather the traditional way of eating that is still quite prevalent as most villages rely on what they have immediately available in their direct vicinity. Home cooked food in Fiji is typically prepared with extremely fresh, barely modified ingredients, often prepared feet from where it was grown. Farm-to-table, Fijian style!


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