Fiji: Opportunity for organic farmers at new eatery

The Foundation for Rural Integrated Enterprises is preparing to open its new restaurant, Tukuni.

Located at the top floor of their head office in Tuvu, Ba, Tukuni is an organic eatery which is focused on the farm-to-table approach.

FRIEND director and founder Sashi Kiran said all the meals were freshly made using traditional methods.

These included grinding spices by hand on ancient stone implements that were imbued with flavours from rural kitchens and cooked over an open fire or fuel-efficient clay fireplace.

She said the restaurant served as a positive sign to farmers that there was a market for their produce.

Ms Kiran said the market specialised in the preparation of traditional iTaukei and Indian meals.

“We’ve always had a dream of finding access for farmers. With this venture we are now able to direct farm produce to the restaurant table,” she said,

“We are working with Indian farmers, for example, to provide lentils.

“Everything that we want to feed people here will be grown by our farmers.

“This includes dhal, vegetables, roti would have maize flour in it so it encourages people that there is a market for it.”

Tuesday also marked the 15th anniversary of the NGO.The concept behind Tukuni was to grow food organically, prepare meals with a passion and serve each one with a report behind the ingredients that went into it and how it was prepared.

It is also dedicated to serving authentic Fijian cuisine that appealed to anyone searching for a true Fijian food experience.


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