WIBDI Farm-to-table data management

Information and communication technology (ICT) has gained significance in recent years in the agricultural and educational sectors of developing countries. ICT and Knowledge Management tools are helping Women in Business Development Inc. (WIBDI) to manage the establishment and growth of a national Organic Farm-to-Table Academy in Samoa.
Since 2016, WIBDI has been offering a training programme for youth, officially called the Engaging Youth in Samoa in Organic Farming and Menus: a Farm-to-Table Value Chain Approach. The programme promotes youth employment in the region. Though WIBDI provides training all year round, there was not a real way to gather information or to track the students (the farmers). In order to categorise information generated by this program, CTA supported the development of online ICT tools to manage the Academy students and provide better monitoring and evaluation tools.

Source & More Info: http://www.cta.int/en/article/2017-11-14/wibdi-farm-to-table-data-management.html

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