Pacific nutritionists unite to push healthier lifestyles

Pacific health officials have moved to revise the region’s nutritional guidelines in an attempt to address medical issues that exist today.

The Pacific Community along with nutritionists in the Pacific began the revision last year and met last month to adapt the guidelines for the first time since they were developed in 2000.

The ten guidelines are issued to all Ministry of Health sectors in the region.

The Pacific community’s non-communicable disease advisor, Karen Fukofuka, said the changes made to the guidelines are not drastic, but will be helpful for nutritionists in their health promotion work.

“What we have done with this new nutrition model is that we have provided background information to each guideline, so it’s more detailed than the initial guidelines,” she said.

Chief nutrition officer from Solomon Islands’ Ministry of Health, Salome Namohunu, attended the three-day conference and noticed the helpful difference.

“What we had in the past was the same ten guidelines and that was it.

“That meant us people working in health services had to try find information wherever we could.

“However, this current document has specific information for each of the dietary guidelines. It is more explanatory and easier to understand,” she said.

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