Cuba’s Organic Farming Revolution Is Debunking Its Reputation For Bad Food

Thanks to a small-scale organic farming revolution, Cuba is defying its stubborn reputation for the kind of bland, meagre cuisine that previously deterred traveling foodies.

 In Viñales, a small town of colorful colonial bungalows and dramatic limestone hills, meals are served farm-to-fork in the purest sense. The contents of your plate—silky eggplant, hand-cut sweet potato fries, dewy heirloom tomatoes, emerald hued greens—were grown and harvested just steps away, in fertile fields belonging to the very same family who prepared the meal.

Even more incredibly, every morsel is fresh and organic, because chemical pesticides and herbicides are rare in Cuba—a fact that has propelled the country to the status of world-leader when it comes to organic farming techniques. This agricultural revolution is a fairly new development, however, and food scarcity has featured heavily in the country’s history.

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