Fiji: Schools Chefs Challenge heats up

Promoting a healthy and fresh food culture is the theme of this year’s Schools Chefs Challenge at the Outrigger Fiji Beach Resort which begins today.

And event founder and chief judge, Outrigger Fiji executive chef Shailesh Naidu said he and the team at Outrigger Fiji were proud to play a part in the development of good food eating habits in the country.

“We have seen a number of exciting things ever since we began the Schools Chefs Challenge in 2012,” he said.

“School children are making more sensible choices — wherever possible — when it comes to the types of food they choose to eat. This is something we have tried to encourage ever since the competition started.

“Healthy food does not mean the food you eat is boring.

“You can excite healthy and fresh food in the way you prepare your meal, the type of seasoning you use and the way you present it.

“And we have also seen an explosion of creativity in the competition ever since we began in 2012.

“This year we have 120 students from 10 schools competing — a huge increase from the one school six years ago.”

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