Sample traditional Grenadian food via Savor The Spice Tour

Grenadian food reflects the cultural diversity of the island and so its dishes are heavily influenced by the different cultures that have inhabited the island including the indigenous Caribs, French and British colonists, West Africans slaves whose descendants now make up a majority of the population and Indians who originally came over as indentured labor. And a perfect introduction to authentic cuisine on the Spice Isle of the Caribbean is via a Grenadian food tour with Savor The Spice.

Known as the original Grenada food tour company, Savor The Spice was launched 2017 on February 7th which is the anniversary date of Grenada’s Independence. Tasha La Touche who is the founder and chief epicurean of Savor The Spice has a passion for sharing Grenada with the world and states “I’m a self-proclaimed foodie and ambassador of my little island in paradise. A lover of Caribbean cuisine, I saw a way to mesh my love for Grenada, with my gift of hosting and event planning. Savor The Spice gives me the venue to bring it all together and share it with the world.”

Grenadian Food Tour

Savor The Spice offers a number of Grenadian food tours and experiences including Savor The Town which I’ve highlighted below and would recommend to foodie cruise passengers on Grenada for a short while as its a 3-hour walking food tour. If you are in Grenada for an extended stay, the Savor The Town tour would also be perfect at the start of your vacation as it will provide proper orientation of favorite sites in the capital city of St George’s, and you can then double back to some of the restaurants, shops, museums, etc. Plus not only will you be sampling a range of delicious Grenadian food, but getting culinary insight along with architectural, historical, and local cultural commentary.

That said, as downtown St George’s is a bit hilly, wear sensible shoes with cool clothing and a hat as the temperatures can get very hot! Also, as the stops are plentiful, would recommend a very light breakfast if at all. Then once on the Savor The Town tour, manage your portions so that you’ll have room to try all the authentic Grenadian food and drinks. And worry not about the calories, this is a 3-hour walking food tour, so you are bound to burn more than you eat. Well, that’s the hope anyway!

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