Jamaica’s local gastronomy industry gets $20 million investment

Jamaica’s Tourism Minister, Hon. Edmund Bartlett says his Ministry is investing some $20 million towards the further development of the gastronomy industry, during this financial year, as studies have shown that local cuisine is a significant reason tourists visit the island.

The Minister has therefore charged the Tourism Linkages Network, within his Ministry, with the responsibility to lead the development of the local gastronomy offerings, as a premiere product of Jamaica’s tourism industry.

He disclosed that the Network has already spent approximately $11.9 million during the last financial year, on initiatives to improve and better market the island’s culinary offerings.

Jamaica Gastronomy Industry Initiatives

Some of these initiatives include: The Blue Mountain Coffee Festival; the Culinary Ambassador Programme; Taste Jamaica Mobile Application and the development of Devon House as a Gastronomy Centre.

Bartlett believes that the Gastronomy Network is already making positive strides, as Jamaica “has now established itself as the premier gastronomy destination of the Caribbean” and can boast being named “the only country in the region last year, to have an exposition which the United Nations World Tourism Organization calls the Gastronomy Prototype.”

Source and More Info: https://sflcn.com/jamaicas-local-gastronomy-industry-gets-20-million-investment/

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