Samoa Airways and Aggie’s make dining in the sky a real Samoan experience

Food plays a large part in defining our experiences, especially in Samoa. If the food was good, everything else that wasn’t was overlooked.

But if the food wasn’t up to par, nothing else was too. In the case of airline food, it is usually not synonymous with adjectives like “tasty” or “delicious”. Normally they’re just…well…airline food.

Not so with Samoa Airways. The airline has brought on board Aggie Grey’s In-flight Catering to supply meals for all of its flights.

As a result, the food on board is a unique combination of local flavours that also appeal to international taste buds.

“We strive to infuse a lot of local ingredients into our meals. We use luau, eggplants, bok choy, local meats, locally produced cold cuts, eggs, fruits and herbs,” said Tanya Grey Jnr of Aggie Grey’s In-flight Catering.

“Being the Samoan airline, we want to showcase what is available and in season in Samoa and to also show the talent of our local cooks and chefs. There is so much potential to adapt our local and readily available ingredients with some overseas old favourites. We want our food to be warm and inviting like the people of Samoa. As Aggie Grey used to say, ‘Samoa is your home away from home’ and we truly want to bring that feel to our meals.”

This partnership between Samoa Airways and Aggie’s has worked well for both parties, the national airline partners with a local company that in turn partners with local villages and farmers in sourcing its produce.

“We try to do Samoan twists on a few of our dishes. Our vegetarian option for Economy is a luau (green taro leaves) and eggplant lasagna,” said Grey Jnr.

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