5 Must-Do Chocolate Experiences In Grenada

Grenada is known as the Spice Island Of the Caribbean for its nutmeg and mace production, but with an increasing number of bean-to-bar chocolate makers, the island is on a path to becoming the chocolate capital of the Caribbean and one of the finest chocolate producing countries in the world. Thus for fine flavor cocoa and chocolate lovers, Grenada is now a must visit. With that in mind, below I highlight five chocolate experiences in Grenada not to be missed.

1. House of Chocolate Grenada
As an introduction to chocolate in Grenada, start with a visit to the House of Chocolate Grenada. Located on Young Street in the capital city of St George’s, this is a small museum with gift shop and cafe featuring Grenada’s organic cocoa & chocolate. Here you will have the opportunity to learn about the history of cocoa in Grenada along with the eight stages of chocolate production which includes harvesting, drying, roasting, winnowing, grinding and conching, refining, tempering, and moulding. At House of Chocolate Grenada, you will also be able to sample and purchase products from Grenada’s five bean-to-bar chocolate makers including the Grenada Chocolate Factory, Diamond Chocolate Factory (Jouvay Chocolate), Crayfish Bay Organics, Belmont Estate and newest on the market Tri-Island Chocolate.

2. Cocoa Tour at Belmont Estate
To get close up with chocolate production, visit Belmont Estate located in St Patrick’s an hour’s scenic drive from St George’s. Dating back to the late 1600s, Belmont Estate is the oldest working plantation on Grenada and one of the ultimate chocolate experiences as you will have the opportunity to tour their cocoa processing facilities and depending on the time of year, can participate in “walking the cocoa” which is a process for drying the cocoa beans. There might even be a demonstration of “dancing the cocoa” which is part of the process to polish cocoa beans with feet. Beyond touring the cocoa processing facilities and seeing where their chocolate is made, you can also explore Belmont Estate’s organic farm, gardens, heritage museum and have a tasty lunch in their restaurant serving up Grenadian cuisine and desserts.

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