The foodie’s guide to Nevis: what to eat and drink in Nevis island

Nevis is a Caribbean island that exudes charm and personality. With a distinct cuisine that’s shaped by the abundance of natural ingredients that grow on the island, here’s a peek into the food and drinks you shouldn’t miss while you are in Nevis.

I totally loved Nevis. So OK, it might measure just 36 square miles but don’t be fooled by this island’s small size.

Nevis lures visitors in with the promise of crystal clear waters, powdery sandy beaches and lush tropical vegetation – and then it charms them with its vibrant culture and totally delicious food.

Of course, the Caribbean is a great destination for flopping and dropping, but dig a little deeper and there’s a lot more to see and eat.  The festival is a celebration of one of the island’s most bountiful natural ingredients – mangoes – and is scheduled to coincide with the peak of mango season on the island. It’s also a celebration of the culinary culture of the island in general. It’s held in a variety of locations around the island – with a number of local and international chefs hosting workshops, cooking demonstrations and special dinners where they marry local ingredients and recipes, sometimes with a dash of international cuisine too.

Nevis during peak mango season is a sight to behold. Mango trees stand by the side of the streets, in everyone’s backyards, laden with ripe fruit.  Monkeys wait in the shade of the tree, waiting for that perfect moment when the mango is ripe – sweet and soft but before it turns to a mushy pulp. If they’re lucky, the island’s inhabitants will get there before the monkeys do. With so many mangoes on the island, it’s no wonder that the fruit finds its way into many of the island’s dishes. Llewelyn’s hot mango and pepper sauce, cubes of mango tossed in a salad to go with some mahi mahi, or just eaten on its own – you can barely move an inch without coming across a mango in one guise or another, and why would you want to?

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