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Tanzania: Minister Urges Zanzibar Hoteliers to Buy Local Produce

The Minister for Agriculture, Natural Resources, Livestock and Fisheries, Mr Rashid Ali Juma, is encouraging Hotel owners here to source their food preparing stuffs and related ingredients from local producers including poultry farmers, instead of importing them. The Minister wondered why most of the Isle’s poultry industry is highly dependent on imported poultry products from…

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Chef Kofi Agyekum For Ghana At 2018 West Africa Food Festival

Pastry Chef, Kofi Agyekum is set to make Ghana proud again at a culinary contest put together by the Ghana Chefs Association. Produced under the theme “Indigenous Cuisine and Culinary Innovation”, The West African Food Festival is an innovative culinary event organised to showcase different cooking skills, techniques, flavours, cultures and food presentation. The representative…

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7 Caribbean Chocolate Brands – From Cacao Bean To Bar

Demand for fine or flavor cacao with its exquisite color, taste, and quality is increasing. And instead of exporting these cacao beans (cocoa beans) mostly cultivated in the Caribbean, they are being used by old and new chocolate making companies popping up in the region. Some of these chocolate companies are associated with cacao plantations…

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