Jackfruit mainly among health freaks, is driving the global Jackfruit Market

Originally indigenous to India, jackfruit is a tropical fruit that grows in high rainfall, humid, and coastal areas worldwide. Thailand, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, and Nepal are some key producers of jackfruit in South East Asia. Countries in Africa, Brazil, and Caribbean countries close to the tropics that have a tropical climate are suitable for jackfruit production.

Jackfruit is consumed both raw and cooked, which makes it suitable for various food requirements. This is a distinguishing feature of jackfruit, not found in many fruits. Thus, the jackfruit market is benefitted. It is mainly the flesh of jackfruit that is consumed, but the seeds are consumed too. When unripe, jackfruit is similar in texture to chicken, which often makes for an excellent vegetarian substitute for meat.

Packed with nutrients, and often referred to as vegetable meat, the demand for jackfruit mainly among health freaks, is driving the global jackfruit market.

Both Neutral and sweet Tasting, Jackfruit food of Choice of Recipe Developers

According to nutritionists, the rich nutritional content of jackfruit has a number of health benefits. It help strengthen the immune system, aids digestion, boosts energy, helps maintain healthy skin and eyes, and protects against cancer. Today, physicians, nutritionists recommend fleshy fruits such as jackfruit that help boost general well-being. This, in turn, is stimulating the jackfruit market.

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