CTO to celebrate 46th Caribbean Week of culture, cuisine and rhythm

The Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO) will celebrate its 46th Caribbean Week at the Wyndham New Yorker, from June 1, under the theme: “Year of Festivals,” and will come alive for a full week with “Amazing Caribbean Culture, Cuisine, and Rhythm.”

Sylma Brown, director of the Caribbean Tourism Organization NY Inc., in an exclusive interview with Caribbean Life on April 3, said the exciting series of events, organized by her office, will kickoff with a Twenty20 cricket match between the Caribbean Diaspora and players from other parts of the world at the Idlewild Cricket Ground in Queens on June 1. Entertainment will follow to share the Caribbean vibe with cricket lovers.

Caribbean Week, that began many years before the United States established Caribbean Heritage Month, to honor the work of Caribbean nationals in the diaspora, has evolved over the years, said Brown.

She said the role of the New York City office is to create opportunities to give exposure to CTO’s current 24-member government, however most of these countries have representation in the U.S., but still depend on the body for needed assistance.

Source and More Info: https://www.caribbeanlifenews.com/stories/2019/4/2019-04-05-tc-cto-caribbean-week-cl.html

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