Locally produced “Breadfruit Eau de Vie” receives Gold Medal Award

This 100% Distillate, distilled only from local grown Breadfruit, is produced by Eike Lauff, who has labelled a new selection of St Lucian novelty Spirits under “Caribbean Craft Distilling”.

St Lucian “Caribbean Craft Distilling” has claimed additional plaudits to its Gold Medal Breadfruit Eau de Vie at the 2019 ‘World Spirits Awards’: It’s Taro Vodka, a Vodka distilled only from Dasheen, received the Silver Medal Award and a second Silver Medal was received for a Mango Eau de Vie.

Eike Lauff, who is the Executive Chef of the Mystique Royal St.Lucia Resort, distills in his spare time and has produced over the past couple years several “Caribbean Craft Distilling” Spirit varieties which include: “Five Finger Gin” – a distilled dry Gin produced from Starfruit and local botanicals, a Banana Eau de Vie as well as a “Crème de Sorrel”, a smooth Liqueur from the Sorrel plant.

While continuing to work as Executive Chef and incorporating local ingredients into his daily work, Mr Lauff explains “the idea behind Caribbean Craft Distilling was and is to explore creative approaches within the agro-processing sector and produce seasonal small batches of true Caribbean flavors.

99% of the raw materials used to produce these Spirit novelties are sourced locally from farms and private gardens in St Lucia.

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