Pomeroon coconut farmer targets local market – plans to convert 50-acre plot into agri- tourism site

She fondly referred to her product as “nature in a bottle” and she foresees a good future for Guyana’s coconut industry, but one of her biggest aims is to convert 50 acres of land into an agriculture-tourism destination.

Such are the plans of farmer Vilma DeSilva. She is investing in training and educating her children and grandchildren to manage her farm, an exercise which is already in high gear.
De Silva, a trail blazer in the coconut industry, is currently pushing her “Henvil Farms” brand of coconut water on the local market. The product , which she pointed out has no preservatives , is being sold in various units including the two litres, one litre, 500 milliliters and more recently, the 25 milliliters units, the latter of which is primarily bottled for schools.

DeSilva, who has been pushing the buy-local initiative and has been on the board of the New Guyana Marketing Corporation for some 13 years, believes that the future of the country lies in agriculture. “Guyana is my passion,” she said with a grin.
Besides rice and sugar, coconut is the third largest export crop in Guyana and government said it is working to move the industry forward. Coconut is often referred to as the new gold.

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