Nevis’ Must-Visit Summer Food Festival

One of the Caribbean’s fastest-growing food festivals is back again this summer. The Nevis Mango & Food Festival, now in its fifth year, is set for July 4-7 with a focus on the island’s growing culinary power. The Nevis Mango and Food Festival is an entire weekend totally dedicated to the mango and the deliciously creative cuisine made with it.

Nevis is home to 44 different varieties of mangos, which play an important role in everything from soups and salsas to cocktails on the island, and it’s at the center of the festival, which includes a series of culinary events, partnership with local eateries and events.

This year’s festival will include special “Mango Fest” menus at local restaurants, while chefs from local hotels and abroad will be competing at a “mango cook-off” on July 7 at Oualie Beach. Frequent Food Network Chef Judy Joo has been tapped as the lead culinary ambassador for the festival.

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