We’re in the thick of summer, which also means Carnival season is in full swing. From Trinidad to St. Vincent and beyond, it seems like everyone is getting on bad, but what’s a girl to do if she can’t make it to di road to buss a wine for mas?

No worries, we got you!

We found four Caribbean food bloggers that bring the flavors and vibes of the islands right into your home, with recipes, videos, and stories that show off the culture and pride of their beloved homelands.

So, sit back and relax because these ladies are taking you to the Caribbean, no passport required. All you need is an empty belly and a fork and knife to throw down.

Taste of Trinbago

Reshmi is a proud native of Trinidad and Tobago and a self-proclaimed doubles glutton. Her Youtube videos take you beyond carnival and straight to the heart of the nation through its food and its people — and her recipes aren’t bad either!

Jehan Can Cook

Jehan is a stay-at-home mom living in Atlanta doing what she loves most –cooking! Her recipes are not only influenced by her West Indian roots (roti and curry are her soul!), but she infuses the flavors into her more American influenced dishes as well. No matter whether you’re a mom looking for a quick meal, or simply missing the flavors of the Caribbean, Jehan has something for you.

Alica’s Pepperpot

A Caribbean-American food blogger with Indo-Guyanese roots, Alica does more than share recipes, she shares the foundation of every island home –culture and family. On any given day you can find her in the kitchen with her mom or dad making traditional dishes that have been passed down for generations, each with a priceless memory attached.

Homemade Zagat

Renz is a professional eater and unprofessional chef celebrating the flavors of Caribbean cuisine. You can find her trying out new restaurants, ordering up a storm from Callaloo Box and creating delicious island-inspired recipes to share with her fellow foodies.