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The beginning of the journey

The recently launched Takurua O Avaiki Raro, Avaiki Vaenga, Manavanui is just the beginning of the Cook Islands cuisine journey. International chefs are backing this innovative programme and helping to develop the strategy, which is focused on defining Cook Islands cuisine culture. Chefs for Development takes a look at how Takurua will help define Cook…

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Fiji-based chefs take 4FJ pledge and lead by example

With any luck, if you are looking for a meal of prized fish species kawakawa and donu anytime between June and September in Fiji, your search will be unsuccessful. Part of the local gastronomy in the Pacific island nation for hundreds of years, demand for the two species is increasing faster than the fish can…

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Caribbean Week New York 2018 – Rejuvenating the Caribbean dream

Hit by hurricanes in 2017, the Caribbean has recovered and is brighter and more vibrant than ever. Caribbean Week New York in early June was an opportunity to promote the region and its unique identity through cuisine, culture and the arts. Hosted by Caribbean Tourism Organization, sustainable development and the use and promotion of locally…

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