Solomon Islands: One for chocolate lovers

By CTA Admin | Aug 6, 2018

Inbound tour operator, Travel Solomons has launched a half-day chocolate tour around Honiara. It visits a cocoa plantation, processing factory and stops at the chocolate shop for tasting. Chocolate is a growing boutique export for the Solomon Islands, and at around 70% cocoa content, it’s beginning to win global awards. Source and More Info:

Sample traditional Grenadian food via Savor The Spice Tour

By CTA Admin | Aug 6, 2018

Grenadian food reflects the cultural diversity of the island and so its dishes are heavily influenced by the different cultures that have inhabited the island including the indigenous Caribs, French and British colonists, West Africans slaves whose descendants now make up a majority of the population and Indians who originally came over as indentured labor.…

Kenya: Agriculture, trade and tourism rebound to boost growth

By CTA Admin | Aug 2, 2018

The Central Bank of Kenya sees the country’s economy growing at 6.2 per cent this year, slightly above Treasury’s estimate of 5.8 per cent on the back of stronger agricultural sector. CBK governor Patrick Njoroge told a news conference yesterday that the positive forecast was based on the economy’s performance in the first quarter which…

Kenya: Kiambu farmer supplying Nairobi hotels and restaurants with non-heading lettuce

By CTA Admin | Jul 30, 2018

A vegetable farmer in Lower Kabete, a modern residential area located about 10 Kilometers from Nairobi Central Business District is growing non-headed lettuce also known as looseleaf, cutting or bunching lettuce which is in high demand by major hotels and restaurants in the city due to its wide range of usage as compared to headed…

The Rural Unknown Agriculture & Tourism: Shall The Twain Ever Meet?

By CTA Admin | Jul 30, 2018

In countries such as Saint Lucia, where tourism is the main driving agent of the economy, governments, civil society and NGOs are now turning to ways to promote their countries as destinations of choice, while trying to maintain an environment for sustainable development. However, this is not always the case, particularly in the agricultural context…

Essence Of Fiji To Launch Namasé Skin And Health Products

By CTA Admin | Jul 30, 2018

With the rapid expansion of Nama products, Essence of Fiji will launch the Namasé brand on July 31. Essence of Fiji Group Director Debra Sadranu said the brand’s innovative beginnings started with products that provide an organic alternative in skin rejuvenation. She said: “With the emphasis on health and wellbeing, introducing the skincare range directed…

St. Kitts ‘Restaurant Week’ promotes plantains, locally-grown products

By CTA Admin | Jul 30, 2018

Once a year the Ministry of Tourism, in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture, partners with local restaurants as they offer meal specials and deals for a week often in the tourism off-peak season. The event is seen as a way of promoting and marketing locally-grown produce and integrating it into the restaurants’ menu. “Restaurant…

Barbados shipping-container diet whets appetite for slow food

By CTA Admin | Jul 30, 2018

Spooning raw yellowfin tuna caught off the Barbados coast into a mould and finishing the plate with a wave of sliced avocado, Rhea Gilkes strives to include as many local ingredients as she can on the menu of the upmarket Fusion Rooftop restaurant. On this Caribbean island where nearly 90 percent of food arrives by…

Strong growth of 8.2 % of tourist arrivals into Asia and Pacific

By CTA Admin | Jul 30, 2018

The South Pacific Tourism Organisation (SPTO) has published its Quarterly Review of Tourist Arrivals to the Pacific Island Countries (PICs) for the first quarter of 2018. “International visitor arrivals to the Asia and the Pacific region registered a strong growth of 8.2%, up from 7.3% in the December quarter. The global tourist arrivals also recorded…

UNWTO Launches Online Platform To Achieve SDGs Through Tourism

By CTA Admin | Jul 30, 2018

Promoting a greater engagement of the tourism sector with sustainable development is the main objective of the Tourism for SDGs Platform. The online tool is designed to advance the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals through tourism, and was developed by the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) with the support of Switzerland’s State Secretariat for Economic…

Jamaica: Tourism working group to focus on EPA’s impact on local industry

By CTA Admin | Jul 30, 2018

Minister of Tourism, Edmund Bartlett has met with the Tourism Working Group that has been set up to review a range of issues within the sector including the Economic Partnership Agreements, work permits, ground transportation and entertainment among others. “The working group, with technical arrangements being led by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC) partner Wilfred Baghaloo, is committed…

The British Virgin Islands’ Big Culinary Festival

By CTA Admin | Jul 30, 2018

It isn’t just the Caribbean’s best sailing destination — it’s one of its greatest food getaways, too. And that’s always been true for travelers in the know — whether you’re downing a massive lobster at the Big Bamboo on Anegada, having an unforgettable dinner at the Sugar Mill or going on a gastronomic journey at…

Cook Islands Agritourism Policy Setting Workshop 2018

By CTA Admin | Jul 20, 2018

To promote increased use of local food by the tourism industry, the Government of Cook Islands  and the Cook Islands Chamber of Commerce  in collaboration with CTA, PIPSO, SPTO, IFAD and Pacific Community will organise in Avarua, Cook Islands on 25-26 September 2018 a workshop on Policy Setting for Improved Linkages Between Agriculture, Trade and…