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By webmaster | Feb 25, 2016

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Chefs Call for Support to Local Farmers

By webmaster | Jan 18, 2016

The chef-owners of the twice-named world’s best restaurant, El Celler de Can Roca restaurant in Girona, Spain, held an open dialogue with representatives of the food, nutrition, and development industry, focused on improving the food industry and agricultural practices to protect the environment while creating jobs. Joan, Josep and Jordi Roca, Mitchell Davis of the…

Why Peru’s gastronomy is a bigger draw for tourists than the Incas

By webmaster | Jan 10, 2016

With a cuisine worth £5bn a year the country has become a magnet In recent months, Peru’s steady gastronomic ascent over the past 15 years has accelerated to a rapid boom, a source of national pride and a motor of the economy as increasing numbers of tourists head here to sample the original and varied cuisine. It…

African food: The next gastronomic trend?

By webmaster | Dec 14, 2015

African food is widely available in London and Paris with their large African populations and historic ties to the continent. Peter Okwoche, a self-confessed gourmet and BBC presenter from Nigeria, has been finding out if it has a wider appeal. Source:

Chefs predict hot food trends for 2016

By webmaster | Nov 12, 2015

More chefs are reporting a growing interest in African and Middle Eastern flavors, artisanal beverages and ethnic cuisines and condiments, according to a recent survey by the National Restaurant Association. Kale, quinoa, underutilized fish and gluten-free food — not so much. In September, the NRA surveyed 1,575 chefs who are members of the American Culinary Federation,…

In One Puerto Rican City, Going Bananas for Gastronomy

By webmaster | Oct 14, 2015

A new initiative in the Puerto Rican city of Corozal looks to highlight the area’s main export — with a focus on gastronomy. Sergio Luis Torres Torres, Mayor of Corozal has officially inaugurated Ruta Platanera, a new tourism initiative between the Municipality of Corozal and the Puerto Rico Tourism Company (PRTC), that aims to highlight…

A taste of the forbidden fruit – Seychelles coco de mer at the centre of Praslin’s first culinary and arts fiesta.

By webmaster | Sep 8, 2015

For the first time in Seychelles, the kernel of the coco de mer, the largest nut in the world was the one of the main highlight of a ‘culinary and arts fiesta’ on the archipelago’s second most populated island of Praslin. The event which took place during the weekend from September 5 to 7, is…

A New Culinary Event in Curaçao

By webmaster | Aug 27, 2015

Flavors of Curaçao, a new annual gastronomy event, is coming to the island this September. The event will be held at Kleine Werf and hosted by Curaçao’s hospitality association, CHATA. Attendees will have the opportunity to sample various dishes provided by 19 participating restaurants, including Bistro Le Clochard, Omundo, and Hófi Cas Cora – The…

Savaii Culinary Training Inspires Local Chefs

By webmaster | Aug 21, 2015

Fifteen chefs from Savaii in Samoa are raring to take their culinary skills to another level after a hands-on training has inspired them to use more local foods in their menus. The chefs from small and medium-sized enterprises (SME), hotels and resorts attended the Savaii Culinary Training workshop at Amoa Resort from 3rd-7th August, which…

School of Tourism & Hospitality Management promotes Pacific cuisine The University of the South Pacific, “School of Tourism & Hospitality Management promotes Pacific cuisine”

By webmaster | Aug 14, 2015

The University of the South Pacific’s (USP) School of Tourism and Hospitality Management (STHM) assisted the South Pacific Tourism Organisation (SPTO) and the Secretariat of the Pacific Community (SPC) to deliver the third Pacific Culinary Training workshop in Nadi, along with the first Globalising Pacific Agri-Food through Tourism workshop as part of the Community Agri-tourism…

Pacific Chefs to promote local foods

By webmaster | Jul 3, 2015

Twenty chefs from Fiji, Samoa, Tonga, Niue, Solomon Islands, Cook Islands, Kiribati and Vanuatu are receiving a once in a lifetime training opportunity with celebrity chefs Collin Chung and Robert Oliver (New Zealand) and Fiji’s Shailesh Naidu in a week-long training.` he one week training is focused on encouraging the use of local foods in…

Planet Appetite: Immersive Caribbean Gastronomy Week in St. Lucia

By webmaster | Jul 2, 2015

Cap Maison, a boutique resort in the north of St Lucia, has a new immersive gastronomy package for foodies which includes visits to farms and local markets, and lessons on Caribbean cooking.