Palusami Dip

Jesse Lee's Palusami Dip

Not only is Palusami the name of Jesse’s Apia restaurant, it is also Samoa’s signature dish. Made with taro leaves and fresh coconut cream, this is Jesse’s interpretation as a savory dip



1cup water

Ten luau leafs ( dasheen leaves)

1\2 onion

1cup fresh squeeze coconut cream


In a pot slice taro leaves and add water simmer until leaves are cooked than strained out the left over water

In a pan, on a medium heat sweat onions out. Add the coconut milk simmer for five minutes..

Add to the taro leaf and cook down to soften.

Use hand blender to blend into a soft puree

Season to preference with salt and pepper

Add the coconut milk simmer and for 1 minute

Serve with crusty bread or roasted breadfruit wedges