Litia Sini’s Coconut Crusted Asiasi cooked in Samoan Coconut Oil

Asiasi- or mahimahi- is line caught right offshore from Litia Sini. This dish uses 4 forms of coconut- fresh grated coconut to crust the fish, fresh coconut cream to marinate the fish and dress the salad, coconut oil to cook the fish, and diced o’o, or sprouting coconut heart, as the basis for the salad.




1 kg Asiasi filet- deboned and scaled

1 cup coconut cream- fresh made of course

Fresh grated coconut

Coconut oil

Salt and pepper


Cut the asiasi into portion sizes

Rinse in water and then put in a bowl with the coconut cream and eason with salt and pepper

One by one, remove the fish from the bowl and coat with the fresh coconut, pressing the coconut on on with your hands

Let sit in the fridge for 1/2 hour before cooking

Heat some coconut oil in a pan and cook the fish, turning from time to time. Cooks in 5 minutes or so

Serve with esi and o’o salad