Deep Sea Snapper

Shailesh Naidu’s Fiji’s Deep Sea Snapper

Wrapping fish in banana leaves is synonymous with Pacific cooking- it seals in the flavors and natural juices of the fish and adds a pleasant herby flavor.

Fish wrapped & poached in banana leaf w_ ginger, coriander

 (4 serves)


  • Snapper filet- 160g x 4 portions
  • Lemon juice- 1 tsp
  • Ginger -10g
  • Coriander- 8 sprigs
  • Salt & pepper - to taste
  • Banana leaf -4 piece (to wrap)


  • Marinate snapper w_ salt, pepper & lemon juice
  • Finely slice the ginger into julienne
  • Wrap snapper in banana leaf w_ coriander sprigs and ginger
  • Slow poach snapper till moistly cooked