Successful Businesses

Local sourcing has contributed to the success of the businesses we profile on this page. Click on each one to discover how.

Belmont Estate, Grenada

Established in the 1600’s as a plantation, Belmont Estate has come to symbolise Grenada’s potential as a model for sustainable agritourism.

Jardins Hydroponiques d’Haiti (JHH), Haiti

Jardins Hydroponiques d’Haiti (JHH) uses the innovative method of hydroponics – using a water solution with nutrients and minerals, to grow plants, so that no soil is needed.

Mango Café, Fiji

Mango Café is a restaurant and catering company situated in the suburb of Nasese in Suva, Fiji owned by Kalara Vusoniwailala and operated with Aunty B.

De La Grenade Industries, Grenada

De La Grenade Industries, a leading Food Processing Company in Grenada, has pioneered the use of nutmeg pericarp (fruit) in the manufacture of high value-added delicious products.

Litia Sini Beach Resort, Samoa

Litia Sini Beach Resort, Lalomanu, Upolu, Samoa, which is owned and operated Lydia Sini To’omalatai.

Tanna Coffee, Vanuatu

Interview with Terry Adlington, Managing Director of Tanna Coffee Development. Co. Ltd.