Namalu Coffee Ltd, Papua New Guinea

Discover Namalu Coffee Ltd, unique coffee maker from Papua New Guinea.












Could you please introduce Namalu Coffee Ltd? Where is your coffee grown?

We are farmers and operate in Papua New Guinea. We are located in the heart of Goroka Eastern Highlands Province and at the Malahang Industrial Centre. Namalu Coffee Ltd is a 100% nationally owned company. We employ 20 people during peak season and 10 in offpeak season.


Who are your local suppliers ? How is your coffee processed?

We purchase parchment from local farmers , co-operative groups and local coffee buyers.  Then we dry parchment into green bean coffee, which will be roasted into selected roasted beans. The beans are ready for grinding to ground coffee for brewing and drinking. We can produce 5000 tonnes of coffee per month or 60000 tonnes of coffee per year.


Namalu Coffee co-owner Jack Timothy Amos with company secretary Elaine Amos/ © Namalu Coffee Ltd


What is specific about the quality of your coffee which has got many rewards ? What are the main brands you produce?

It is our mission to consistently produce the best quality coffee for our customers. We pledge to uphold the highest ethical and professional standards compelled with an openness and transparency. We provide ways to communicate and continue to remain open and receptive of new ideas while striving to perfect our services and products. At Namalu Coffee ltd, we ensure that we invest through time, energy and resources creating new and innovative offering. This allows us to produce a high quality product and service.

Namalu Coffee ltd offers six products: blue mountain ground/bean coffee; espresso ground/bean coffee; vanilla hazelnut flavoured ground/bean coffee; caramel flavoured ground/bean coffee; irish cream flavoured ground/bean coffee and coconut flavoured ground/bean coffee.


Could you tell us which are your markets and customers? Is this organic premium coffee sold to the tourism industry (hotels, restaurants, airlines, cruises…)? Is it used by chefs ?

Namalu Coffee Ltd serves a range of multitude for small holders in the mostly outreach areas of Eastern Highlands Province that includes Okapa District, Lufa District, Kainantu District, Henganofi District & Morobe Province.
Yes, our coffee is sold to the tourism industry. We have among our clients the CrossRoads Transit Hotel, the Lae International Hotel and Chin H Meen Jacksons Internationl Termianl Coffee Shop.
We also sell our coffee to some of the largest supermarkets and department stores retail chains in New Papua Guinea: the Papindo Group Of Companies, Seeto Kui (Foodmart Lae) and RH Trading Vision City.
Namalu Coffee has also been served to Bintangor Goroka, from the PNG National Rugby League and the University of Goroka. Last but not least, we will offer our coffee during the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Summit 2018 which will be held in PNG (15 – 17 November 2018)



What are your future plans?

Namalu Coffee’s ambition is to be among the most admired and respected companies in our industry. Not only do we want to be a leader in innovation service and quality, but also to be a leader on a global scale. The major concentration of the company was mainly in the Eastern Highlands Province and Morobe Province of PNG. In order to capitalize on the global opportunities, Namalu Coffee needs to adopt international best practices, including in relation to quality control standards.